tomcio Ltd

Giving you extra horsepower to transform your business

I Know How You Feel...

... leading change is extremely rewarding yet can be incredibly challenging.

I relish every opportunity to support people  in developing and deploying transformational change.

... perpetual double digit growth and significant productivity doesn’t happen by accident.

I am passionate about exploring growth opportunities and analysing options to optimise or redesign value streams.

... innovation flows best when everyone is involved and feeling empowered to contribute.

I enjoy nothing more than encouraging people to explore new ideas and innovations within an open environment.

Why I set up tomcio Ltd

I am at my happiest when visiting and understanding new businesses (especially factories) and finding innovative ways for them to excel.

I am passionate about business, operations, and supply chain strategy, topics I have enjoyed studying, lecturing on and just as important, working in over the last 20 years.

After working for some of the best companies (and some not so good) I am now in a lucky position to be able to help other people understand what works and what doesn't.  

If you would like to know about me and my values, then please click below.