Giving you extra horsepower to transform

Giving you extra horsepower to transform

Giving you extra horsepower to transformGiving you extra horsepower to transformGiving you extra horsepower to transform

Previous Success

Transforming Performance

Transforming Performance

Transforming Performance


It's great when you can allow data to speak for you - a site that was previously bottom in the monthly stats across the whole group topped the table with the best OTIF! Same people, plant and processes, if you are interested to know how they turned their performance around then please get in touch.

Transforming People

Transforming Performance

Transforming Performance


Our real pleasure in life doesn't come from seeing graphs move in the right direction, although this helps, our satisfaction comes from seeing the light bulb moments in those we coach.  Human capital is a controversial phrase, but seeing people unlock their potential and develop their own human capital is the real reward. 

Some Example Outcomes



Revolutionised factory lead times from 4 weeks to 66 minutes, increasing On-Time Delivery to 98.53% and increasing inventory turns by 35%. 

McCarthy & Stone

Coached a Development Director to saved >£10M in a build cost reduction programme for a national housing developer, standardising the design and development process across 7 regional business units.


Busted the “black art” of aircraft painting to achieve colour process control with a CPk >1.33, reducing rework and saving €1.6M, not easy with EasyJet Orange paint.  Even harder as a 25 year old with no knowledge of the process in a unionised paint-shop.


Developed and delivered modules for MBA and MSc degrees in two major universities on the theory and practical reality of Business Change Management.

Siemens, Hewland & Renold

Experienced in multiple successful new EPR & CRM system go-lives, also fixed many “broken” ERP system without changing the system.  Data integrity and process compliance are our mantra.


Experienced interim MD who empowered and motivated an underperforming factory to increase On Time Delivery from 65% to 94% with the same people, plant and systems.