Move forward. Make progress. Succeed.

Commercial. Industrial. Factories. Construction. Teams. Individuals.
If you expect coaching, consulting or training to apply to a one-size-fits-all approach to every challenge, then I’m the polar opposite of what you expect.

Hi, I’m Thomas Hattersley

I provide extra horsepower to transform yourself, transform your business and transform your life.
I coach the capabilities needed to foster mental resilience, empower business owners to fall back in love with their business and create high performing teams.
I’m the opposite of what you might expect, given the work I do.
I’m committed to seeing and getting the best out of people and helping them get the best out of themselves.

Tomcio Consulting

Commercial and industrial challenges

I truly enjoy offering a little extra horsepower to help unlock the true potential of your employees and rapidly change the trajectory of your business. I get a kick out of those lightbulb moments in life.

Bespoke services

Coordinate, match, respond and reach any goal

Everything I do is about focussing on the client, delivering tailored programmes to your needs, to help you move forward, make progress, manage and succeed. 


Virtual assistants

Overcome your admin without the overheads. ADMINSTANT offers high-skilled, experienced, UK-based administrative and support expertise, free from the extra costs and hassle of employment. Our time is on your side.


Life coaching & NLP Master Practitioner

How to lead: A better working life. Facilitating life-changing transformation in people who want to overcome self-limiting behaviours, build belief and unleash their full potential at work and in life.

Happy clients

Please ask for more testimonials, case studies or you can request to speak to some of my past or current clients.

 “Thomas is honest, approachable and is great with people. He really gets involved and is open, so everyone takes to him and trusts him. He has a holistic approach and improves things by understanding the complete system. 

When he worked with us, he left us a more engaged workforce and management team, more accountability and improved a lot of other metrics which simply would not have happened without him.”


“Thomas helped me see things in a completely different way and brought confidence to the wider team.

He also brought a different atmosphere and dynamism – a fresh way of thinking for all of us. In a very narrow-thinking industry, Thomas was a breath of fresh air.

It was the confidence that he brought to the wider leadership team that helped us get on and do things much quicker. We all benefitted from it.”


Share in success

Get in touch to talk about what you need to move forward, make progress, manage and succeed.

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